Policy Enforcement

Policy Enforcement

We reserve the right to determine, at our sole discretion, whether content on the WeChat platform violates the Community Guidelines. If we determine that there has been a violation of the Community Guidelines, we may take any or all of the following steps against a violating user:

(a)               issue a warning regarding the user’s behaviour;

(b)               refrain from displaying or remove the relevant content relating to such breach (or reasonably suspected breach). Please note that if the relevant content has been received or viewed by a user (e.g. through a single/group chat or as a Moments post), we would not be able to hide or remove such content, as it would already be stored and on the user’s device cache, and the user should delete such content on his or her own device. However, we may restrict the further distribution or visibility of content in certain instances for users who have not already received or viewed the relevant content;

(c)                display a notice to recipients of the relevant content to take precaution due to a suspected or confirmed breach of these Community Guidelines;

(d)               restrict the user from using certain account functions or suspend or terminate the user’s account;

(e)               where we reasonably believe that the user has committed a crime or are otherwise required to do so under applicable laws, notify and cooperate with appropriate governmental and/or law enforcement authorities in the relevant jurisdiction.

We will consider a range of factors when determining whether and what actions to take against a reported user who has violated the community guidelines based on the information we have relating to each violation, including but not limited to:

(a)               the severity of the violation;

(b)               whether the violation was committed intentionally or otherwise;

(c)                the number of other users who have been adversely affected by the violation;

(d)               whether the violation amounted to unlawful conduct under applicable laws;

(e)               whether the user has committed the same or a similar violation in the past; and

(f)                 whether other users have lodged user reports against the same user for the same or a similar violation.

We will inform the reporting user of our decision whether or not to take action against a reported user once we have completed our review of the user report submitted by the said reporting user. If we decide to take any action against a reported user, the reported user will also be informed accordingly.


If you are: (i) a reported user whom we have actioned against or (ii) a reporting user who has made a user report but we have decided not to take any action against the user you have reported, but you disagree with our decision, please lodge an appeal to us by filling up the feedback form located at the WeChat Help Center, and we will attend to your request as soon as possible.

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