WeChat is a network of communities which connects all of our users. While we encourage sharing, expression and communication on WeChat, we are also committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our users. We created these Community Guidelines to explain the types of content and behaviour we allow and prohibit on our platform. These Community Guidelines apply to all WeChat users and all content on WeChat. You agree to comply with these Community Guidelines by using services provided by WeChat or otherwise made available through the WeChat platform.

We enforce these Community Guidelines proactively with the help of human reviewers and technology. We also encourage users to report any content that potentially violates these Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to determine, at our sole discretion, whether content on the WeChat platform violates these Community Guidelines. Please refer to the following sections of these Community Guidelines for a further explanation on the types of content or conduct which are prohibited on the WeChat platform.

We may remove or change the visibility of any content on WeChat that violates these Community Guidelines. In cases of severe or repeated violations by a user, we may suspend or terminate the violating user’s access to part or all of the services provided through the WeChat platform, restrict access to any data, information, media or other content that the user or other users submit, upload, transmit or display in connection with the use of the WeChat platform or take any other appropriate actions in accordance with the WeChat Terms of Service and the WeChat Acceptable Use Policy. Where necessary, we may also cooperate with law enforcement agencies to investigate any unlawful acts committed on or through the WeChat platform.

WeChat is interoperable with Weixin, such that you are able to communicate with Weixin users and view each other's Moments and Status in accordance with the applicable terms. You may also be able to use certain features operated by Weixin. You may view the list of features operated by Weixin here. Please note that when you interact with a Weixin user, or use or receive notifications from any feature operated by Weixin (together "Interoperable Interaction"), the Weixin users you interact with are not subject to the WeChat Terms of Service, but instead are subject to the Weixin Terms of Service and the Standards of Weixin Account Usage. In addition, if your interaction with any Weixin users potentially causes such Weixin users to violate the Weixin Terms of Service, Standards of Weixin Account Usage and any other applicable laws and regulations, Weixin may at its discretion, restrict or limit the interoperability of Weixin with WeChat, including restricting or limiting Weixin users from interacting with WeChat users.

We may update these Community Guidelines from time to time in response to new behaviours and risks. Should you have any questions about the Community Guidelines, please contact us using the feedback form located in the WeChat Help Center.